community groups

CG-web-groups-blank banner When Jesus came, He invited us to experience what He called ‘abundant life.’ We participate in this life as we embrace His invitation to follow Him. One of the best ways to do this is in the context of community. Therefore, we invite you to come grow with us by signing up for one of the following groups which will meet starting the week of October 15 and run through December 16. Each group has a different topic and focus. The groups that are part of our new discipleship track will be noted below.* Whatever group you join will provide a place to build new friendships, pray for one another, serve together, encounter God together, release spiritual gifts – all to help one another grow in our understanding and our practice so that we grow up to be like Jesus (Ephesians 4:11-13).

Fall Groups (Mid October through Mid December)

Worship As A Lifestyle (led by Dana Butler)
Worship is so much more than singing songs to Jesus on Sunday mornings. God desires that we live our entire lives as worship before Him. The more we live this way, the deeper and more tangible our companionship with Him becomes. We’ll explore ways to deepen our walks with Jesus through 3 aspects of a holistic lifestyle of worship: our set-aside times with Him, the minutiae of day-to-day life, and our relationships with others. (And, of course, we’ll worship together, too.)
location: Highlands RanchDenver South Church
day/time: Mondays 7pm

Reading The Bible … As If For The First Time* (led by Calvin & Melaine Downs, & Nathan & Becky Glass)
Do you sometimes wonder if the Bible is relevant for today? Do you ever read it and promptly forget what you just read? Are you so “familiar” with the Bible or a particular section of it that you really are skimming that section rather than reading with expectation and anticipation? Do you ever wonder if God still speaks to us today? We invite you to come learn how to read the Bible as if you were reading it for the first time to discover it’s amazing treasures of God’s truth. The Bible tells us how God operates – not just in Bible times but today!
location: Littleton SouthDenver South Church
day/time: Tuesdays 7pm
kid friendly

Philippians (led by Ian & Sue Prichard)
Join us as we make our way through this letter to the Philippians, and discover ways the Bible to speak to us today. This book was a letter written by Paul and Timothy to one of the first churches in Europe, during a time that looked like failure in the worlds eyes, (yep, Paul was in prison again), but despite this, he continued to overcome and impact people with the message of the Kingdom. For two millennia, countless people have been profoundly impacted by this book. We’ll practice listening to God while reading His Word, and spend time praying for one another.
location: Highlands RanchDenver South Church
day/time: Tuesdays 7-9pm

Young Adults – 18-30 (led by Rob & Melissa Gault, & Colin Miller)
We desire to experience community, growth, and outreach – community, in that we want to grow together in our love for Jesus and to become like Him; growth, in that we want to be a place where young people can gather together with a view that there is always room for more; and outreach by showing the love of Jesus Christ to others who are in need or who do not yet know Him.
location: LittletonDenver South Church
day/time: Wednesdays 7pm

Kingdom Triangle* (led by Tim & Karen Bayless)
There are certain highly influential ideas in Western culture that are incompatible with the meaningful, flourishing life God intended. Together, we’ll identify these ideas and suggest three correctives: 1. recovery of the Christian life of the mind; 2. renovation of the heart and spiritual formation; 3. restoration of the Holy Spirit’s power at the center of the Christian life. Through this Kingdom Triangle, our lives will be radically changed. We will use JP Moreland’s important book, Kingdom Triangle, as a guide. (Amazon $11-$20).
location: LittletonDenver South Church
day/time: Thursdays 7pm

Weekly Prayer Meeting
location: Littleton Vineyard Church Auditorium
day/time: Saturday morning 8-9am

location: Prayer Room (in the hallway next to the front office)
day/time: Sundays morning 9:15-9:45am